About Us

The history of the company starts in 2016, when Baton Rouge, Louisiana was devastated due to historic flooding. Experiencing this tragic event inspired me to create something that would lift my spirits during a stressful situation. Making candles became just what I needed, and soon after, I was giving them to family members and friends as a pick-me-up. After receiving positive feedback, I decided to start a candle business and in 2017, Positive Vibez Only was established to continue the theme of positive thoughts throughout the years to come.

When the flood occurred, my family didn’t have enough time to evacuate the horses along with us. For days, I agonized over whether the horses were okay while waiting for the water to recede. When we returned home to find all of the horses alive, I was ecstatic. The majestic unicorn became the logo to represent “Baby Pony”, my personal/pet pony who miraculously survived the floods despite the water being as high as 5 feet.

​I hope the candles from Positive Vibez Only bring you tranquility, joy, and peace. All candles are hand-poured in small batches using 100% U.S.-grown soy. They range in scents from classic to unique.

Positive Vibez Only!